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Pearlman 2019


Pearlman 2019 Event Schedule

Pearlman 2019 Event Schedule

Wednesday, September 4th

4:30‐7:30 Hospitality Reception – Willows Lodge, Woodinville
Hosted by The Vertex Companies, Inc., Langley, LLP,
Sage Associates, Inc., and The Hustead Law Firm
Hospitality Reception Entertainment
Hosted by Faux Law Group and Williams Kastner

Thursday, September 5th

7:00‐8:00 Registration and Breakfast – Columbia Winery, Woodinville
Hosted by Alber Frank, PC, PCA Consulting Group, and
Forcon International Corporation
All Day Coffee/Beverage Service
Hosted by Stewart Sokol & Larkin, LLC

8:00‐8:15 Welcome/Introductory Remarks
R. Jeffrey Olson
Co‐Chairs: Jan Sokol, Todd Braggins, Luis Aragon

8:15‐9:00 Co‐Surety Issues; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Mike Pipkin, Mary Jean Pethick, Andrew Torrance, Sunny Lee

9:00‐9:45 Completing Contracts with Surety’s Own Accounts or Consultants
Rebecca Glos, Douglas Dearie, Mark Degenaars, Todd Bauer

9:45‐10:15 Surety’s Common Law Rights
James Curran, Jason Stonefeld, Gina Shearer, Edward Rubacha, Jim Loewke

10:15‐10:30 Break

10:30‐11:15 The Care and Feeding of Expert Witnesses
Larry Rothstein, David Krebs, Charles Langfitt, Richard Tasker

11:15‐12:00 Future Prospects for Construction/Surety Bonds
Scott Powers, David Hombach, John Kampschror, Guy Armfield

12:00‐1:15 Lunch
Hosted by Wolkin Curran, LLP, Sage Consulting Group
and Weinstein Radcliff Pipkin, LLP

1:15‐2:00 Privilege ... Read More

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Event Overview   Schedule   


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