Pearlman 2020

Pearlman 2020

Pearlman is an organization designed, built and managed exclusively by company-side surety professionals. For 27 years, its close, continuous access to the collective heartbeat of a large number of surety companies makes for a unique, targeted perspective on the needs, goals and challenges facing the industry a perspective available to no other similarly situated organization.

Our annual events draw from this special vantage point as we design our curriculum, training and recreational events.

This year's Pearlman event will be held on September 9 - 11, 2020. A 'save the date' email will be coming out sometime in June and the official invite will come out in July.

Contact Us to be put on the email list for updates.

Visit the Pearlman 2020 event page for more information.
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Pearlman Association
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Jeff Olson, (206) 473-5929; Lih Hudson, (206) 473-3577

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