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2022 Recipients

2022 Scholarship Recipients

Cassie Hewlings - Liberty Mutual
Kisha Bynoe The Hartford
Chris McElroy Merchants Bonding Company

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Scholarship Program

The Pearlman Association awards $1,500 educational scholarships each year during the annual events.

The scholarships are awarded to surety professionals to assist them in attending educational events. These scholarships expire 2 years from award.

If you would like to submit a nomination, please contact Jeff Olson at

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2005 Recipients

2005 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

Sam Barker, Travelers
Christine Bartholdt, Safeco
Denise Brehm, Great American
Gene Sawyer, Safeco

A donation of $1,000 was given to the victims of Hurricane Katrina

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2006 Recipients

2006 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

Bruce Echigoshima, Safeco
Gail Latham, Arch
Cindy Mellon, Liberty
Charles Moorer, Hartford
Patrick Toulouse, Travelers

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2007 Recipients

2007 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

Peter Apostolidis, Arch
Gregory Ching, HCC Surety Group
Jennifer Leuschner, Hartford
Dave Pikulin, Safeco
Jamie Ziegler, Travelers

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2008 Recipients

2008 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

Ben Holicky, Hartford
Brian Kuhn, Arch
Caryn Mohan-Maxfield, Safeco
Marianne Susong, Merchants Bonding
Sarah Wilson, Hartford

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2009 Recipients

2009 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

Ivette Echegarrua Gauldron, Gray Surety
Jacqueline Lewis
Stacey Monahan, Hartford
Gerry Ormiston, Travelers
Jason Stonefeld, Liberty Mutual

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2010 Recipients

2010 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

Aaron Blankenship, Travelers
Andrew Holloway, Hartford
Scott Olson, SureTec
Mitch Petras
Stephani Miller, Liberty Mutual

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2011 Recipients

2011 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

Sam Barker, Travelers
Ed Dudley, Great American
Jim Hamel, Zurich
Tiffany Schaak, Hartford
Matthew Silverstein, IFIC
Doug Wills, Chubb
Jamie Ziegler, Liberty Mutual

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2012 Recipients

2012 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

Stephen Beatty, Lumbermens Mutual Group
Virginia Boyle, Liberty Mutual
Marc Brown, Travelers
Martha Gaines, XL
Jeff Olson, Liberty Mutual
George Rettig, IFIC
Mark Torp, CNA

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2013 Recipients

2013 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

John Downes, Zurich
Nina Durante, Liberty Mutual
Frank Lanak, HCC Surety
Jennifer Leuschner, Hartford
Eric Mausolf, Travelers
Mark Vicario, Great American

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2014 Recipients

2014 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

Ben Chambers, Hartford
Patricia Hayek, Chubb
John Fouhy, Travelers

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2015 Recipients

2015 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

Luis Aragon, Liberty Mutual
Jamie Burgett, Travelers
Jill Fischer, ACC

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2016 Recipients

2016 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

Bryce Holzer, Travelers
Emily Varcalli, Liberty Mutual
Jamie Doody, Hartford
Derek Popeil, Chubb

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2017 Recipients

2017 Pearlman Scholarship Recipients

Connie Boudreau
Steve Pand
Jennifer Whritenour

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2018 Recipients

Pearlman 2018 Scholarship Winners

Marc Domres
Ashley Saltzgaber
Michael Cronin
Elizabeth Henderson

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2019 Recipients

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Becky Farina - Zurich
Amy Bernadas - Zurich
Nicole Fabrizio - Liberty
Matthew Burg - Westfield
Shawn Kelly - Travelers

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2021 Recipients

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Damitta Straughter IAT
Will Beasley Merchant
Ashlee Rudnick Intact ins.
Jennifer Schildbach Liberty Mutual

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